Lake Ontario J Fest regatta

The first Lake Ontario J Fest regatta will be held July 21-23. For more information check out the JFest Poster. J Fest registration is open at

Sailing Instructions:
As stated in the NOR (ammendment 1), J-Fest will be making use of RRS Appendix S, Standard Sailing Instructions.  The J-Fest Supplement to RRS Appendix S  is available here.

IMPORTANT NOTE on Sailing Instructions and RRS Appendix S:

J-Fest Sailing Instructions =

RRS Appendix S “Standard Sailing Instructions”
published by World Sailing
+++ PLUS +++
J-Fest Supplement to Appendix S
published by J-fest, available online here, and on paper at registration

You are responsible for having your own copy of RRS Appendix S,  which is in your 2017-2020 RRS. The RRS including Appendix S is also available online from Sail Canada at: , or from World Sailing at

In the 2017-2020 edition, the new Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) included “Standard Sailing Instructions”, as appendix S. They were added to reduce the amount of variation in SIs between events, and thus the amount that sailors (and officials) need to read for each event to understand, and to make sure nothing odd changed.

Appendix S doesn’t include the local details, so a supplement is always published to go with it; (J-fest published it yesterday and posted it online)

Some skippers may already have had Appendix S printed and laminated (because it will last for four years!).

The NOTICE OF RACE was amended again, on July 15, eliminating the Registration desk on Thursday, and the Skipper’s meeting on Friday.

NOR first ammendment, July 11. The biggest change is that RRS Appendix S (Standard Sailing Instructions) will apply. This appendix is in the rules for the first time in 2017-2020. Competitors are strongly encouraged to read Appendix S and understand the implications. Other changes have been made including changes specific to the J/80 class.

Geoff Moore of North Sails will conduct on-water and on-shore workshops on Friday afternoon and evening. Practice starts on the water and sessions on rules and protest hearings are planned.

Jaunty J, a J/88, will be on display on Friday July 21 from about 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check out the electric motor, available as standard from J Boats, enjoy a demo sail, and see what makes this 29 footer such a speedster.

As of July 11, almost all of the ABYC docks are above water. The water level is likely to go down by another couple of inches by the regatta weekend and we are hard at work getting ready to accommodate all competing boats. We expect most classes will be rafting and a small number of slips will be available for larger boats. Please be aware that about a third of ABYC slips do not yet have power.

We’re off to a great start with strong fleets of J/105s, J/27s, and J/80s. J/33, J/35, J/109, and J/120 will be racing PHRF unless we get a few more entries in those classes.

 2017 Evolution Sails ABYC Open Regatta

Seventy (70!) boats came out May 27,28 for the Evolution Sails ABYC Open. Saturday gave us light wind (or no wind) and big shifts before the wind settled in and all fleets got in three races, while on Sunday the Vipers and J/24s got in three more races after the fog finally burned off.

Thanks to:

– all our ABYC volunteers and club staff for making our regatta go off as planned, even as our plans changed up until the last moment!

-QCYC and RCYC for running Alpha course in its unusual location west of Gibraltar.

– all of our sponsors and prize contributors – Evolution Sails, Bristol Marine, Great Lakes Offshore Services, UK Sailmakers, Steam Whistle Brewing, Henderson Brewing Co. and Bacardi. Without your support an event like this would not be possible.

– and all the competitors who turned out for the regatta despite the limited format and our harbour restrictions.

For all boats finishing in the top three in your divisions, please contact us to arrange pickup of your prizes if you have not already done so.

Results are now available on the LORC website

Our regatta was the first half of the ABYC-QCYC Commodore’s Challenge. Seventeen ABYC boats and four QCYC boats came out in the PHRF fleet. Counting QCYC’s two-boat handicap, QCYC trails by 11 boats going into the second half of the contest for  Bragging Rights Around The Spit at the QCYC regatta in September.

Then at the end of the season, ABYC will host the Donald D. Summerville Memorial Race on September 23.

There are two  shallow spots on the approaches to ABYC. The first is west of the most southern point of Ashbridge’s Bay Park. The second is west of the middle of the entrance to the main ABYC harbour. Deeper draft boats that are coming to ABYC should stay a couple of hundred feet off the southernmost point of the park and stay close to the rocks on the south side of the entrance on the way into our harbour.