2017 Evolution Sails ABYC Open Regatta

The ABYC Evolution Sails Open Regatta is going ahead! But due to the conditions in our harbour we have to make some changes to the format.


Update May 24 – Photography for the event will be provided by Ronald Miller Photography.  Packages may be purchased at the event, or pre-ordered for 50% off HEREWe will have a pancake breakfast available on Saturday beginning at 8 am at ABYC. Box Lunches are also available for order from ABYC.  If a box lunch is of interest, please send us your order via email at foodandbeverage@abyc.on.ca 
These lunches will include two halves of assorted wraps, a piece of fruit, a cookie and a water for $8.

IRC, PHRF, and larger one-design boats (J/105 and Beneteau 36.7) will race on Saturday only. We cannot accommodate boats in these fleets overnight on Friday or Saturday. Boats in these fleets are asked to go straight from their home clubs to the racecourse on Saturday and to go straight home afterward. We invite all competitors in these fleets to come to the party by land after they get back to their clubs.

Alpha course (IRC, J/105, Beneteau 36.7) will be located near Gibraltar point to make for a shorter distance from west end clubs. Bravo course (Etchells, Viper, J/24, PHRF) will be located just off ABYC. 

 Small one-design boats (Viper, J/24, Etchells) will race Saturday and Sunday. Boats in these classes are asked to come to ABYC by trailer if at all possible. We will raft these classes in the harbour if conditions permit. In case of inclement weather or higher water levels we may have to ask the boats to haul out overnight Saturday.

We are working on a solution for crew pick-up at ABYC (which may be helpful for PHRF boats in particular).

The party will start early when the small one-designs are finished racing and run late for those who arrive later from their home clubs.

This regatta is part of the LORC regatta series. The series Notice of Race is on the LORC website and registration is open through the same site. IRC boats, J/105s, and Beneteau 36.7’s should register for one day only. Those that have registered for two days will get a refund for the second day. Boats that have registered for the PHRF coastal race will also receive a refund.

There will be a PHRF Team Challenge again this year, brought to you by the PHRF Racers Association in cooperation with ABYC. The Challenge is open to teams of three PHRF boats from the same club, subject to the rules which can be found at

PHRF Team Challenge at 2017 Evolution Sails ABYC Open Regatta

And once again the ABYC Commodore has issued a challenge to the QCYC Commodore and that challenge has been accepted. Each club’s score will be equal to the number of its PHRF boats (spinnaker and whitesail) that compete at the ABYC regatta plus the number that compete at the QCYC regatta (i.e.a boat which competes at both regattas will be worth two points toward its club’s score). Only the Saturday races at the ABYC regatta will count. Under these rules, ABYC would have won last year by 27 boats to 25. As the club with more PHRF certificates, ABYC will give QCYC a handicap of two (2) boats for 2017.

The winning club will enjoy Bragging Rights Around The Spit (BRATS) for one year. The results will be announced at the party after the QCYC regatta and the losing Rear Commodore will offer a suitable acknowledgement of defeat. ABYC also invites QCYC to a convivial evening at ABYC next fall/winter, at which the losing Commodore will serve the winning Commodore a sausage on a bun and a refreshing sailor’s beverage.

The first Lake Ontario J Fest regatta will be held July 21-23. For more information check out the JFest Poster . Here is the NOTICE OF RACE. J Fest registration is now open at SailReg.ca

Then at the end of the season, ABYC will host the Donald D. Summerville Memorial Race on September 23.

There are two  shallow spots on the approaches to ABYC. The first is west of the most southern point of Ashbridge’s Bay Park. The second is west of the middle of the entrance to the main ABYC harbour. Deeper draft boats that are coming to ABYC should stay a couple of hundred feet off the southernmost point of the park and stay close to the rocks on the south side of the entrance on the way into our harbour.