Racing Marks

The ABYC Racing Marks are yellow cylinders approximately 7 inches in diameter, with even numbered marks having a black top. They are laid out in a one nautical mile diameter circle around a centre mark, immediately SE of the entrance to the club.

Marks are placed each year in early May, and removed in late September, with the permission of Ports Toronto. Locations for and magnetic courses between the marks follow (GPS Map Datum “NAD-27 Canada”):

Mark Latitude Longitude
0 N 43°38.651′ W 79°18.048′
1 N 43°39.018′ W 79°17.685′
2 N 43°38.736′ W 79°17.434′
3 N 43°38.391′ W 79°17.532′
4 N 43°38.224′ W 79°17.932′
5 N 43°38.277′ W 79°18.399′
6 N 43°38.562′ W 79°18.660′
7 N 43°38.896′ W 79°18.569′
8 N 43°39.097′ W 79°18.152′

Download the ABYC Fixed Mark Race Course (Compass Rose) :
ABYC Fixed Mark Race Course (Compass Rose)

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