Membership Fee Structure

2015 Fees

Initiation Fees
Senior $1,500.00
Dinghy Ages 25+* $100.00
Senior Member Boat Introduction Fees*
Larger than or equal to 35 feet $3,500.00
Larger that 29 feet and smaller than 35 feet $2,500.00
Smaller than or equal to 29 feet $1,000.00
Drysail $500.00
    *A member moving from a smaller to larger boat shall pay the difference of the two boat fees
Membership Annual Dues
Senior $1,280.00
Dinghy Ages 25+ * $600.00
Junior Ages 7-24 * $65.00
Introductory Associate $165.00
Associate $350.00
Senior Associate 65+ $380.00
Out of town $380.00
Boat Storage Fees  charged per square foot measured
January to Launch $1.24
Summer mooring $3.76
Summer Drysail yard $1.60
Summer yard storage, boat not in use $1.60
Haulout to December $0.65
Dinghy Storage Fees  (Not Applicable to Tenders or Dinghy Members) $130.00
Other Fees
Food & Beverage minimum billing (Senior) per third $140.00
Contribution Hours not worked (Senior – maximum 20 hours, Intermediate & Dinghy – maximum 5 hours) 45.00/hr
Senior Capital Reserve Fund Charge
Spring Assesement $200.00
Summer Assesement 18% of Summer mooring/Drysail yard
Fall Assesement $200.00
Incurred Charges
Withdrawal of Application service charge $100.00
Boat haul/launch/cross haul/move $100.00
NSF Cheque Fee $20.00
Carrying charges when initiation and boat fee is paid in installments 10% of initiation and boat fees
Late payment fee will be charged on all overdue accounts 2% interest per month
All Dues and Fees are subject to HST
Fee Structures will be updated annually
* Age as of January 1

Payment Options for Initiation Fees All initiation fees can be paid in installments.

For information, call the ABYC office, 416-698-4498.