Chair, Adult Keel Boat Learn-to-SailPeter Woodall and Diane Schulman

In addition to the ABYC Board of Directors, there are a number of positions at ABYC that are filled by volunteer appointment.  Also, there are several working committees established to help in certain areas. We encourage all members of ABYC to get involved with a committee.
Club Representatives
Fleet Chaplain T. Leigh Olson
Fleet Surgeon W. (Skip) Jones
Board Secretary Ian Koster
Club Staff
        Club Manager Bruce Hannah (Acting)
        Office Manager Lidia Tudor
Membership, By-laws, Safety, Operations – Senior Vice-Commodore, Brian Meret
Chair, By-Laws and Board Policy Neil Sinclair
Chair, Membership  Bob Wilson
Chair, Safety Stephen Moss
On-the-Water Activities – Rear Commodore, Paul Brennan
Director, Junior Sailing School Jeff DeJean
        Head Sailing School Instructor Heather MacLaren
Chair, Sailing Committee  Calum Semple
        ABYC Regatta Martin Gibb
        Awards Coordinator Joanne Wright
        Chief Handicapper  Paul McDonald
        Crew Bank Coordinator  Rebecca Crumlish & John Chittley
        Fleet Captain – Dinghies Grant Dietrich
        Fleet Captain – Drysail Eriks Kalvins
        Fleet Registrar & Results Coordinator Shaun Carey
        LORC Representative Gord Burt
        LYRA Representative Dave Steenbergen
        Protest Coordinator Drew Robertson
        Race Committee Coordinator Molly Asseltine
        Race Equipment Coordinator < vacant >
        Secretary John Moody
Fleet Captains, Cruising Chris Pappas, Nancy Ogden, Ron & Cindy Boudah
Chairs, Adult Learn to Sail Diane Schulman & Peter Woodall
Chair, Co-op Keel Boat Program  Emily Sawolak
Chair, Co-op Dinghy Program  Grant Dietrich
Coordinator, Club Fleet Maintenance Mitchell Kitz
Marine Services – Vice Commodore, Erik Dullerud
Chair, Dock Assignment Danno Heinmann
Chair, Harbour Maintenance Joe Simpson
Chair, Crane Roy Little
Chair, Rail Yard Dan Marcil
Adam Rees
Chair, Landscaping Ann Kay
Work Party Management Sue Hamilton
Chair, Environment Gerald Rubenovitch
Member Services – Vice-Commodore, Mike Macdonald
Chair, Property Linda and Mike Robertson
Chair, Entertainment Don Sturgeon and Debbie Dockray
Ship2Shore Editors Joanne Dicaire and Steve Roberts
Chair, Regalia Sales and Orders Linda DeRusha
Chair, Marketing & Communications Celia Lum
Vice-Chair, Marketing & Communications and Chair, Communications Open
Webmaster Charles Cira
Chair, Archives Mel Trottier
Finance – Vice-Commodore, Kevin Forward 
Chair, Finance Committee Steve Smith
Planning – Vice-Commodore, Bob Brew
Chair, Long Range Planning Bob Brew